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Responsibilities of Umpires

What to do when you get your fixtures...

Check that you are able to umpire at the times and dates you have been designated. If you can not then you are responsible for getting these games covered. When you have covered the games with a similar or higher standard umpire notify the Team Captains concerned and Sharon Williams of the changes.

If you cannot get your games covered...

If you are unable to get your game covered and do not arrive for the fixture the team you are registered to will lose a point.

What to do if you are ill on the day...

Umpires must not cancel games! Please telephone your Team Captain as soon as possible so that together you can contact available umpires to endeavour to get the game covered. When you have been successful contact Sharon Williams and the Team Captains concerned. No game will be allowed to take place with only one umpire.

A call to Sharon Williams may be needed before you start searching as she may be able to give you the details of umpires who are likely to be available that night and she will know the up-to- date umpiring changes for that evening to save you some phone calls. BUT it is not Sharon Williams job to find them for you!

Who pays your expenses if the other Umpire does not turn up?

Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair. If you are genuinely out of pocket, you can try the ‘offending’ Umpire. Fortunately, this type of occasion is very rare!

Pre-Game checks…

It is your responsibility to check the safety of the court and players before the game commences and therefore you will need to check:

  • Players: Nails/Jewellery/No Chewing Gum/Uniform;
  • Court/posts: Ensure the surface and posts are safe;
  • Surroundings: Clear from any obstructions for umpires and players including spectators, ensuring that they do not walk up and down the sideline coaching during play.

We would like to encourage scorers where possible to score for you during the match so don’t be afraid of asking spectators to score and use a band on your hand to control the centre pass. (Information on this technique on the reverse of this letter).

Please be ready to start on time.

During the game…

Timing: Ensure you agree who is timing the Quarters and Intervals, 3 minutes for ¼ time, 5 minutes for ½ time and 3 minutes for ¾ time. Injury time is a maximum of 2 minutes, remember to time this.

Post Match…

Check the score is correct with the other umpire, sign the card and return it to the Team Captain and receive your £10 expenses. Please encourage teams to complete the card befoe you take it from them including Affiliation numbers to ensure that you are covered by the England Netball insurance for any claims agains you as the official of the match… Look up any rules queries that you may have by checking the rule book.

Where next?

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