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Rules & Regulations

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Ashford Netball adopts all the England Netball policies and links can be found for:

Discipline & Appeals

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Disciplinary Regulations

Appeals Process

Codes of Conduct

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Inclement Weather

In the event of extreme weather or climatic conditions:

  • The Committee will make a decision whether to postpone match/es before 17:00 PM.
  • If the decision is made to postpone the match/es before 17:00 the Committee will notify the teams and umpires via text and email (when possible) as well as on social media and the website. In this situation both the 18:30 and 20:00 PM matches will be postponed.
  • After 17:00 PM the decision whether to postpone the match/es at 18:30 and/or 19:55 will be made at the venue by the Committee, or in their absence the umpires present, who must notify the Fixtures Secretary on the night.
  • In the event that match/es are postponed it will not be not necessary to return a scorecard to the Divisional Representative.

Postponed matches will be rearranged by the Fixtures Secretary and the teams will be notified of the date and time. Teams will be required to provide an umpire of the appropriate standard for this fixture.

Photography & Social Media

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For more details visit England Netball click here